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If you've been searching for a dentist
who is established, skilled, friendly
and compassionate. Read on and
learn why Dr. Grubbs is so well-liked
and admired by his current patients.  
Have you ever wondered how frequently
you need to go to the dentist if you're over
50? Or when to first start your children?  
Click here to learn the answers.  And if
you have other questions, drop us a note
and Dr. Grubbs will gladly respond.
Visiting a dentist for the first time can
be stressful.  What to bring? What
forms to complete? What about
payment terms? Dr. Grubbs wants to
make your initial visit as smooth as
possible. Click here to learn how.
  • We are respectful of our patient’s time so we are diligent in honoring our appointment schedule.

  • We try to make our patients feel comfortable from the moment they walk into our office until they leave – we know
    that going to the dentist can be a stressful time.

  • We listen to you and make sure that we explain ourselves so that you fully understand our recommended dental

  • We don’t “dictate” our recommended procedures to you; rather Dr. Grubbs listens to your needs and offers you his
    best professional recommendations – the same ones that he would choose for his own family - then you decide

  • You are not a “number” or “appointment” or our “next patient”.  You are YOU and we call you by name and get to
    know you so that you feel that you are among friends while receiving our dental services.

  • We know that dental services can be a strain on a family’s budget; therefore, we strive to keep the cost of our
    services as affordable as possible.

  • We accept most dental insurance and we process the claim for you.

  • We do not pressure our patients into having dental procedures they find uncomfortable.

  • We do not use our office to promote dental-related products.

  • Dr. Grubbs is great with people of all ages – patient and kind.

  • Our office is conveniently accessed from Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland, Flowood, Brandon and Pearl; and because
    we are located just off I-55 and Lakeland Drive, we are convenient for family members working in and around North

  • Dr. Grubbs will provide free second opinions on dental procedures

  • Dr. Grubbs is happy to answer dental questions. Just email us and he will respond.