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Dr. M. Lewis Grubbs
Ashley Neely
Ashley has been the
Dental Assistant to Dr.
Grubbs since 2011.  
She is married to David
Neely and has an 8 year
old daughter, Riley. In
her free time, Ashley
enjoys watching Riley play soccer, playing
golf with David and walking her two dogs.
Becky McIntyre
Becky has worked as a  
Receptionist for Dr.
Grubbs for over 25 years.
She is married and has
3 grand daughters and
one great grand
daughter!  Becky enjoys
reading, antiquing and spending time with
her family. She enjoys her job as it gives
her the opportunity to work with people.
Claire Giffin
Claire is a Dental Hygienist
and has been with Dr.
Grubbs for over 8 years.
She is an avid football fan
and enjoys traveling,
theater, fine dining,
symphony and movies. She
also loves boating, flying and scuba diving.
Claire lives in Madison County and has 2 cats.
Jessica Saums
Jessica is a Dental
Hygienist and has been
with Dr. Grubbs for over
11 years. Her husband,
Patrick and she have
two daughters, Bella
Grace, 8, and
Charleston, 5. The Saums live in Raymond
and Jessica enjoys crossfit training, baking
and her daughters' activities.
Mary Garner
As a Dental Hygienist,
Mary has been with Dr.
Grubbs for 5 years. She
and her husband,
Justin,  have two sons,
Jake 3 and Cole 1. Mary
is an active member of
Broadmoor Baptist Church and in her free
time enjoys tennis and "running after her
children". Mary enjoys working with
children and adults.
Monica Belcher
Monica has worked for Dr.
Grubbs for 8 years and
handles patient insurance
claims. She and her
husband, Patch, have two
daughters, Autumn 18 and
Anna Taylor 13.  She is a  
member of Crossgates Baptist Church and
loves cheering on her daughters in soccer and
profession. Clay and Lee are Dentists and have their own practices and Mary is a Hygienist with
Dr. Grubbs.
Click here to read an article about the family.
Grandsons, Cole
and Jake Garner